Third day – play off!

Beginning of the end – Play off day!

The tournament is now about to end its third day of playing and as I am writing this text to you there has been 1974 matches played so far, absolutely amazing! So only 129 matches remain before the year’s edition of Lundaspelen ends tomorrow afternoon.

Lundaspelen is a tournament that we hope will be characterized by fair play, respect for the judges and a fantastic audience support. So, continue to cheer up your favorite teams, show respect for the judge and your opponents and let it be nice matches when the finals are decided tomorrow. Good luck tomorrow everyone, players, leaders, referees, volunteers and spectators. Let the final day be memories for life for everyone!

Finally, I hope I will see you at the Sparbanken Skåne Arena in a short while where the female teams of LUGI and Sävehof will meet in an, hopefully, even and tight game. Starts at 2030 and the entry is free!

See you tomorrow – day of the finals!

Per Björkman, President of Lundaspelen