You no longer need to check-in with Lundaspelen so go straight to the school/hotel and you will get your Lundaspelen Card there. Those who have only ordered food cards and no accommodation can pick them up at Sparbanken Skåne Arena at LUGI’s office on 26/12 between 12-20. You will find out which schools you have been assigned by logging in to your account on our website or in our app.

• If you need more food cards than ordered, you will receive a form to fill in and we will invoice you for the remaining fees. If you have payed to much you will receive a form for refund request and we will process you in January 2022. Keep in mind that we need your IBAN account number, SWIFT / BIC code, account holder and address to the account holder for payments to accounts outside Sweden.

• Access to the schools and hotel rooms is from 14.00 on the 26. If you arrive earlier then that you can wait in Sparbanken Skåne Arena.

• At our school facilities, our hosts are there for your safety and help you and your team. The hosts are Lundaspelens official representatives and their directives must be followed.