Important information ahead of Lundaspelen 2023

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We wish you a warm welcome to the 44th edition of the Lundaspelen Handball! This year we are proud to welcome almost 780 teams from 12 nations and referees from another six.

We wish you a pleasant and unforgettable stay in Lund. It is fantastic that Lundaspelen is visited every year by so many young handball players from all over the world. We hope that all your trips to and from the games goes well. This year a record 780 teams will participate in the tournament. It´s a wonderful opportunity in terms of handball and to see Lundaspelen develop! LUGI is hosting the tournament as always and this year we are proud to expand our cooperation with more sports clubs in the local area, enabling us to play in more and new sports halls and to use more accommodations. We very much look forward to welcoming you all!

The Check-in at Lundaspelen is carried out directly at your school/hotel and this is also where you will receive your travel cards. Lundaspelen uses digital cup passes (Lundaspelskortet), a QR code to be used in the canteen. All leaders must have downloaded the QR code before arrival. The QR code is attached to this e-mail, and it is also available by logging in to your team page via Lundaspelen website. The code is valid for the entire team. If you choose to not eat together, you can share the QR code easily by texting a screenshot or printing it on paper.

You can find out which school you will be staying at by logging in to your account via the website or the app,
• If you need more cup passes than the ones you have already ordered, you can buy more in the Lundaspelen shop at the Sparbanken Skåne Arena on December 26 between 15.00-20.00 hrs. You pay on-site with a bank card and the cost 1 400 SEK (the price includes meals and bus passes/travel cards).
• You can access the schools or hotel rooms from 15.00 hrs on December 26.
• At our school sites, site hosts are securing your safety and they will also help you and your team. The hosts are the official representatives of Lundaspelen and their instructions should always be followed.
• When you leave on the December 30 it is the responsibility of each team to clean and restore their dormitories to the condition they were in when you arrived. Photograph the room when you arrive.
• Safety is important to us and there is no room for more players than what is already registered.

Download our app which is helpful during the tournament. It is available wherever apps are, search for “Lundaspelen Handball” in Playstore and Appstore or use these links:

Due to the current unrest in the world and the heightened security situation in Sweden, the Swedish Police Authority has issued a current regulation to restrict the audience from bringing any bags at any larger event.
For Lundaspelen, the bag restriction only affects the Sparbanken Skåne Arena and only during two of the game days; the Opening Ceremony on December 26 and during the Finals on December 30:

– For participants (players, coaches, referees, volunteers) who are not playing in the sports hall, there are tents placed outside the arena where you leave your luggage/bags.
– For spectators/audience, no bags may be brought into the arena. Bags should be left at home as spectators are not allowed to leave bags in the above-mentioned tents.
– Members of playing teams may bring sports bags into the arena

The bag ban does not apply to any other arenas or sport halls or any other occasion during Lundaspelen. There will be staff at the entrances checking that no wrong bags are brought in.

The game schedule can be found in the Lundaspelen app or at . It is each team’s own responsibility to stay updated on any changes! Changes to the schedule will happen continuously.

You will find the Lundaspelen Shop in the entrance of Sparbanken Skåne where we sell this year’s range of Lundaspelen merch, including this year’s t-shirt. This year you can customize your shirt with personal print, this is booked on site subject to time at the printer in the shop.

Pre-made webshop orders should be picked up in the shop from 15.00 on December 26. Please bring the confirmation of your order.

Sweden is aiming to be a cash-free society. This means that the majority of places are not accepting cash payments, but you can use bank cards or if you have the Swedish app Swish for payment.

The currency in Sweden is Swedish Krona, SEK and this is the only accepted currency in our cafeterias and shops during the games. No other currency will be accepted. Please make sure you bring the correct currency or your card to our cafes and the Lundaspelen Shop.

The opening ceremony is held in Sparbanken Skåne Arena on December 26 at 20.00 hrs. Free entrance. The foyer is open during the evening, and the doors open to the sports hall at about 19.15 hrs.

The Opening ceremony will start with a grand show including rock bands and a flag parade and then directly kick off the tournament with two high-level opening matches, the first one starting at about 20.50 hrs.

On the opening day, December 26, there are a lot of people coming to Sparbanken Skåne Arena. For security reasons, luggage will not be allowed on the stands or in the foyer. Therefore, we offer storage of luggage in tents outside the arena. No bags will be taken into the arena, leave them at home. Please respect the instructions from the security guards.

Do you need help during the games? Our information center can be reached at:
+46 (0)73- 5174215

The sponsors of the Lundaspelen offer free admission to the two elite league matches played in Sparbanken Skåne Arena during Lundaspelen:
LUGI Women’s team – Sävehof Thursday December 28 at 20.00 hrs.
LUGI Men’s team – Sävehof Friday December 29 at 20.00 hrs.

A link to digital seat reservation and information will be sent in a separate e-mail.

It is up to all leaders to update themselves on the tournament’s competition rules incl. current ball sizes and rules for handball glue. The competition rules can be found here:

During Lundaspelen most matches can be followed in real-time via the live score on the website and in the app. Please note that the match time on the live score is a rolling clock based on the start time of the match and does not consider any delays in the arena.

During Lundaspelen all matches will be able to be followed via live streaming for a fee (pay-per-view). Tell supporters at home about the opportunity to follow your progress in Lundaspelen and the matches will also be able to be watched as a replay. Presented in collaboration with SolidSport and SkåneTV. A link is available at the website

Before your first match, a complete list of participants must be registered by logging in to your account at By doing this, you also enable followers to see the name of who scores if you follow the live score during the match.
If you need to add a new player during the tournament, you do it by logging in to the website.
PLEASE NOTE-If the correct list of participants is missing, your team may be excluded according to the competition regulations § 7.

Menu, opening hours and emergency phone numbers can be found here:

Opening hours for the canteens on December 26
Järnåkraskolan: 17.00 – 21.00hrs
Polhemsskolan: 17.00 – 22.00 hrs

Opening hours for the canteens December 27– 28
Breakfast: 06.30-09.00 hrs (also 30/12)
Lunch: 11.30 – 15.00 hrs
Dinner: 17.00-20.30 hrs
Polhemsskolan is open: 17.00-21.30 hrs.

These opening hours must be respected or Lundaspelen cannot guarantee the serving of food. Please note that we do not have the opportunity to deliver food to sports halls and different accommodations. You must go to your assigned canteen to eat.

Smarter breakfast
During the first half hour, there are rarely many guests at any canteen. Early birds usually mean a more pleasant breakfast time without waiting in lines to enter the canteen and without crowding at tables and serving trolleys.

Takeaway food
If your game schedule does not allow you to reach your assigned canteen during opening hours, it is possible to order cold food in advance to take away. Please note that it is only challenges in your team’s game schedule that entitles you to order takeaway food and you are responsible for picking up the food at Järnåkraskolan. It is not possible to have the food delivered to any sports hall.

ON DUTY PHONE for takeaway food reservation
Call +46 (0)735323365, +46 (0)735351323 to order cold takeaway food if you cannot get to the canteen to eat a meal due to the game schedule.

The phones operating hours are:
December 26 at 20.00-21.00 hrs
December 27-28 at 13.30-16.00 (pls note, not on 29/12)
December 29 at 08.00-11.30 hrs
The takeaway food is collected in Järnåkraskolan’s canteen.

On the day of the finals, December 30, there wil be many people who wants to watch the finals in the three locations Idrottshallen, Victoriastadion and Sparbanken Skåne Arena. For fire regulations and safety reasons, luggage will not be allowed in the stands or public areas of the sports halls.
For this reason, we offer bag storage for luggage and bags in tents outside each of the sports halls. Any player who will have matches in the hall may bring their sports bag into the sports hall. Please respect the directives of the security guards. Follow the signs when you arrive at the hall.

Forgotten items from schools and sports halls will be brought to our shop in Sparbanken Skåne Arena on December 30. If you are missing something, please visit our shop first to look for it, and if it is not there, please send an e-mail to including a description of what you have forgotten. We will answer your e-mail starting from January 7.

We would like to remind you that Lundaspelen Handball has a policy for alcohol, drugs, doping and tobacco (ANDT). The policy outlines the intentions and overall stance of Lundaspelen Handball as an organizer. All consumption of alcohol/drugs and the use of fireworks are prohibited during Lundaspelen. The competition management reserves the right to exclude teams where players violate these rules.

Lundaspelen does not allow overage players in any age group. Lundaspelen will give no exemptions and all players must be able to identify themselves upon control.

Handboll glue is only allowed in the age classes of 15-, 16- and 19 year-old. All teams must be extremely careful when using paste in places other than on the match floor. If teams are careless with handball paste use, a cleaning fee may be charged by the hall host.

We ask all teams to leave the sports hall and locker rooms in the same condition as you want to find it when you get there. Pick up after yourselves.

It is the responsibility of each team leader to read and understand the competition rules found on the website and convey this to their players.

The competition jury has the right to exclude any team that violates these rules.

Remember that you must shower in the hall in which you have played a match. Unfortunately, there are no showers at the schools.

To get the most out of your stay in Lund, it is a good idea to plan your transport around Lund with a good margin. According to § 7 of the Competition Rules “All teams must be changed and ready at their playing field no later than 15 minutes before the start of the match (if a team is late, the tournament management must be contacted before a decision is made)”. It is your obligation to plan the transport to the hall with such a good margin that you can handle long delays.

For teams with cup passes, travel by public transport (Skånetrafiken) is also included. With this card, travel within Lund and to the surrounding areas of Lomma, Bjärred, Borgeby, S Sandby and Veberöd is free of charge. The teams will receive a physical travel card issued by Skånetrafiken at check-in at the school accommodation/hotel. Important: Upon travelling with public transport the passenger must scan the QR code on the travel card in the scanner at the entrance of the buses, or show it for scanning upon check-ups the trains. You can find bus timetables on the Skånetrafiken website or in the Skånetrafiken app (AppStore. Google Play).

Please note that the city buses are not only for Lundaspelen participants. It is important that you participants show the people of Lund how nice and friendly guests we have during Lundaspelen. The bus drivers may refuse you and your team if the bus is full but usually a new local bus will arrive within 10 minutes. All buses stop in the city center at the stop “Lund C”. Here you can easily change to one of the other lines if necessary

When you arrive at LUND C
If you need help with transportation to a site outside Lund, go to Arena Park and from there take Lundaspelen buses to your destination (according to previous e-mails).
See the timetable on the website.

Lundaspelen has several shuttle bus routes to facilitate the sports halls outside of Lund city and the outer accommodations. They depart from the roundabout outside the “Arena Park” car park between Idrottshallen and Sparbanken Skåne Arena. The shuttle buses have their own timetable, and they run regularly during the game days on December 27-29.

Position: 55.69916303106921, 13.181441887783148
Map link Google Maps:
In addition, we offer Lundaspelen buses for teams staying at schools outside Lund also on December 26 and December30.
See the timetable on the website.

If you travel in Lund with your car or bus, it is important that you follow the signs about where it is allowed to park. In Sweden, you often have to pay for parking in most streets and parking lots. If you park in an unauthorized place, you will likely be fined. Parking is prohibited around Sparbanken Skåne Arena, but right next to it is the Arena Park parking garage at Stadsparken. Ask Lundaspelen staff for advice on where to park around the sports halls and schools. For safety reasons, cars mustn’t block escape routes.

The easiest way is to use parking apps: Easy Park or Parkster or your mobile phone to park in any LKP parking lots. Please use the code 4883, for a special Lundaspel discount (price 100:-/day or 450:- for 5 days).
For more info:

There is a risk of mixing up the names of some sports halls with similar names. Watch out for Stångby/Tornahallen and Östra Tornhallen as well as Nyvångshallen in Löddeköpinge and Nyvångshallen in Dalby.

We do our utmost to ensure that all participants have a fantastic stay in Lund. We sincerely hope everyone has a great event and let’s all engage in making this the best competition.Do not hesitate to ask if there is anything else we can do to make it better. Lundaspelen aims to be a meeting place for old and new friends and to be a Friendly Game. Take the opportunity to get to know new people and make contacts in all countries. Together we create memories for life!
We hope you have a memorable tournament and wish you all GOOD LUCK!