Lundaspelen started in 1978 as an idea of arranging a yearly youth tournament in Handball, Ice Hockey, Basketball and Soccer. Soccer and Ice Hockey was cancelled pretty quickly but the Handball and Basketball tournaments grew and is today two of sweden’s biggest sporting events for youth. The first 1978 Lundaspelen in Handball had 113 teams from 28th clubs and in 1983 we had grown to over 400 teams. All total 17726 teams from 36 countries have played Lundaspelen between 1978 and 2018. Five clubs has participated in every Lundaspelen: Ringsted, H43, OV Helsingborg, Lundagård and Kävlinge.

Since the first edition of Lundaspelen the Handball tournament has been played on the 26th to 30th of december and Basketball on the 2nd to 5th. This to make sure there is enough arenas and schools to welcome all the participants.

Lundaspelen is organized by LUGI Handboll, one of Sweden’s largest handball clubs with with over 1200 active players and 60 teams in regular play. Lundaspelen Basketball is organized by IK Eos. Lundaspelen is organized in committee form under Lugi Handboll and has the slogan “Memories for life”.