Welcome to one of the world’s cutest, smartest cities
Experience 1,000 years of history in a vibrant city that is full of contrasts. Stroll through the cobblestoned streets and half-timbered houses and feel its traditions. They say you can live here all your life without seeing all the unique spots and beautiful buildings. Visit the museums, stroll through the market squares, or relax at one of the many superb cafés or restaurants. Lund is a cozy city where everything is just a short walk away.
Lund has more than 130 000 inhabitants and you have the possibility to discover Lund between the handball games! During Lundaspelen Handball it will be After Christmas Sale as well in the city center shops as at the big shopping center NOVA. We collaborate with Visit Lund, which is the official tourism information with everything you need to know for your visit. Read more on their website.


    • 100 years BC – to 11th century Uppåkra – south of Lund, was Scandinavia’s largest Iron Age settlement. It disappeared around the 11th century, and was rebuilt with the same structure in Lund, which is why the site is called “Lund before Lund”. The Uppåkra Archaeological Centre welcomes visitors during spring and summer.
    • 990 Lund was founded and takes on Uppåkra’s role as the center of power.
    • 1103/1104 Lund becomes the seat of the archbishop.
    • 1145 Lund Cathedral is inaugurated. The Cathedral becomes one of the area’s most popular attractions, with its impressive exterior and beautiful and inviting interior.
    • 1666/1668 Lund University is founded and inaugurated. 350 years later, 40,000 students cycle through the city’s streets, and Lund life is influenced by the academic world.
    • 1800s Lund is booming. Its population is growing, and the train runs between Lund and Malmö.
    • 1892 The Kulturen open-air museum opens bringing local and Swedish history to life. Both young people and old love to play around and discover the cultural, historical buildings and exhibitions based on different themes.
    • 1911 Lund’s city park is completed. Today, the park is part of Lund’s center, where people take part in lots of activities, laze around with a book, or slurp on an ice cream at the café. Enjoy the park’s beautiful plants or do the Pokémon walk.
    • 1953 Medical ultrasound is invented in Lund.
    • 1983 Ideon Science Park is inaugurated. Ideon Science Park is an exciting place where some of the brightest minds meet to develop the future and where Ericsson developed one of the first mobile phones.
    • 1971-1996 Lund becomes a metropolis for music and youth culture. Mejeriet – an art center organizing concerts, film screenings, theatre, and more – is founded.
    • 1997 Sweden appoints its first female bishop in Lund.
    • 2016 The MAX IV research facility is inaugurated as the world’s brightest synchrotron light facility on the year’s brightest day. It’s an extremely powerful X-ray that shows materials down to atomic level.
    • 2016 Pope Francis visits Lund and the cathedral. A historic meeting between Catholics and Lutherans on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
    • 2018 Carnival time. Attracting over 400,000 visitors, Lund Carnival is like the Olympics in showmanship and partying.
    • 2020 The tramway between Lund Central Station and ESS (European Spallation Source) is a contribution to the public transport of the future, in one of the busiest commuter routes in Lund, also called The Science Road. The tram route connects Lund’s medieval city center and a completely new city in the Northeast, Brunnshog


We collaborate with Visit Lund, which is the official tourism information with everything you need to know for your visit. Read more on their website

Must see places in Lund
So where to go first? When there is so much to see but so little time, what should you NOT miss? Here are a few ideas:

Kulturen is one of the world’s first and best open-air museums and covers two blocks in the middle of Lund. Step in and experience life as it was –from the Middle Ages up to the 1930s. You can also choose among twenty exhibitions – from folk art to modern design, from medieval history to the present day, from local culture to world culture. Perfect for both adults and children.
Opening hours: 27-28 December: 12 am-4 pm, 29th December 12 am-8 pm, 30th December 12 am-4 pm
How to get here:

Lund Cathedral
Almost 1,000 years old, and attracting over 70,000 visitors every year, the cathedral has many exciting stories and secrets inside and outside its walls. When you’re inside, check out the crypt and the fantastic clock. Consecrated in 1145, this is one of the main tourist attractions in the Nordics. The cathedral is right in the middle of Lund, close to lots of restaurants and cafés.
Opening hours 27 – 30 December 8 am – 6 pm
English | Lunds domkyrka
How to get here:

The Lund Museum of Life
What happens in the body when we breathe? Is your skin an organ? How does ultrasound work? The Lund Museum of Life is a museum about medical history and the human body. Learn more about health, illness and medicine, then and now, told with modern technology and historical artifacts.
Opening hours: 10 am-2 pm, Tuesdays – Fridays
How to get here:

Skissernas Museum – Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art
Come and look at the world’s largest collection of sketches and models by international and Swedish artists. The Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art is a unique art museum that focuses on the artistic creative process. It features the world’s largest collection of sketches, models and preparatory work for Swedish and international public art. Museum of the year in Sweden.
Opening hours: Tue–Wed 11–17, Thu 11–21, Fri 11–18, Sat–Sun 12–1
How to get here:

The Historical Museum in Lund
The Historical museum in Lund, founded in 1805, is the second largest archaeological museum in Sweden. Its collections contain among other things Kilian Stobaeus’ Cabinet of Curiosities from the 18th century, thousands of finds from the excavations of the Iron Age city of Uppåkra and numerous artefacts from the Scanian Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.
Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday: 12 noon-4 pm
Where history meets the present and the future | Historiska museet (
How to get here:

Vattenhallen Science Center
Meet science and research up close. Vattenhallen Science Center mix science with fun and learning for all ages. Try hands-on experiments and elaborations. Build a jumping sponge, see a show, an exhibition or challenge yourself or your friends in a tremble-test or at the Digi Wall.
Opening hours 27-30 December: 12 noon-5 pm
English | Vattenhallen Science Center (
How to get here:

Botanical Garden
The Botanical Gardens are a glorious oasis with a unique variety of species. Visitors with an interest in plants are sure to be inspired. A university garden has existed in Lund since 1690. Around 1860 it was moved to its present location and today there are over 7 000 species grown on 8 hectares (20 acres) in the heart of Lund.
Opening hours 26-30 December: The Park is open 6 am-8 pm. The tropical greenhouses are open 11 am-3 pm.
How to get here:

Lunds Art Gallery
Right in the middle of the city you will find “Lunds Konsthall”, the municipal art gallery of the City of Lund. Lunds Art Gallery is a venue where international contemporary art is displayed and discussed.
Opening hours 27-28 December 12 noon-5 pm, 29 December 12 noon- 8 pm, 30 December 12 noon-5 pm
en | Välkommen till Lunds konsthall!
How to get here:

Högevall water park
Why should kids have all the fun? Adventurous slides for the daring, jungle pools for the little ones and exercise courses for the energetic, all in one of Skåne’s most modern water parks.
Opening hours 27 – 30 December 7 am – 8 pm
How to get here:

Must see places surrounding Lund
While you are here, why not jump into the car or on a bike and visit a world of adventures that are just a stone’s throw away from the city. Not sure where? Try these:

Dalby Church
Scandinavia’s oldest preserved stone church with beautiful surroundings and a lovely view towards Lund city. Originally, the seat of the Danish Archbishop, the church lost out to Lund Cathedral.
Flyinge Kungsgård
Love horses? Then come and visit the state horse stud, which is the world’s oldest stud farm still in operation. Visit the stables and see the magnificent horses.

Pack your running shoes and head off to Skrylle, one of Sweden’s most popular recreation areas. It is the perfect spot for runners, family fun, nature walks, hikers, and orienteers.
Taste your way around Lund

Dining in Lund
Lund is in the middle of the province of Skåne, where you are never far away from a great dining experience. With fantastic local produce, international restaurants, and top chefs it is no surprise that The New York Times has named the area as a top place to eat. From apples to asparagus, falafel to “fika” (the Swedish tradition of stopping for coffee and cakes) you are surrounded by a huge choice of flavors, atmospheres, and great-tasting food.

Saluhallen – what’s your special food treat? Chances are you will find it in Saluhallen. This is the place to discover the city’s best specialty shops for food, drinks, and delicacies – and restaurants with exciting, exotic cuisine. In addition, not just food and drinks are on offer. This century-old, covered food market, with its high ceilings and scents from near and far offers guided tours, author nights and, if you are in the mood to spoil yourself, chilled oysters.
Klostergatan – food street. In the mood for cool street-food joints, super-juicy hamburgers served in secluded courtyards, first-class food, and the best shrimp sandwich in Sweden? You’ll find them all down Lund’s food boulevard in Klostergatan.

Like coffee? – Love fika
Fika is a national sport in Sweden, and the people of Lund are experts. Fika is the art of whiling away your time over a great cup of coffee and some superb tasting cakes, scones, or sandwiches. Plonk yourself down in one of the cafés, order that cortado, flat white or deluxe cappuccino, get to know the students and join in with the local buzz.
Shop without the drop
The great thing about Lund is that you can shop what you want, without the endless walk. There is everything here from big chains to small, cozy boutiques – all just a short walk away. So come in bring your card and enjoy what is on offer.
Everything from high fashion to low prices
Are you the snappy dressing type, try on some of the great clothes at one of the boutiques in the city center. You can also find major clothing brands like H&M right in the center of town. And if you are looking for that unusual article of clothing that complements your style, or makes you stand out, then visit one of the several second hand and vintage shops. They are dotted around the center and offer some great bargains – as well as giving you a good feeling that you are helping the world’s precious resources.

Nova Lund shopping arcade
The perfect destination for serious and accessible shopping. There are over 70 stores filled with the latest trends, classic, sophisticated clothes, shoes, and accessories. There is also interior design, technology, books, games, and everything else you may need. Of course, there is a great food court so you can take a break from shopping and enjoy a great meal at a good price.


Lund Cathedral, one of Scandinavia’s oldest churches
Join over 700,000 visitors and 85,000 worshippers each year and be wowed by the majestic towers and altar that date back to 1398 at Sweden’s most visited church. Consecrated in 1145, this cathedral is one of the main tourist attractions in the Nordics. Marvel at its architectural splendor, or simply pop in for some quiet reflection, religious services, and concerts.

Lund’s twin towers
The first thing you see when you come to Lund are the cathedral’s two famous tall towers. Get close and the view is breath taking. Step through the magnificent bronze door and step back in time in this distinctly dark, spiritual place mellow glowing with the light from hundreds of candles. Check out the splendid stained-glass windows and bronze angels from the 13th century, along with the pulpit, one of the best creations from Scandinavia’s renaissance period.

Creep into the crypt
Very few rooms in Sweden are older than this crypt. It has been the same since 1123 and shows influences from Normandy and southern England. Step inside and see the biggest tourist attraction, a pillar embraced by Finn the giant. According to legend, Finn built the church, but became upset when he didn’t get paid and wanted to destroy it. He was then tricked, shrunk, and turned to stone. And he’s still embracing the column today. Other stories suggest the stone figure represents Samson destroying the temple in Jerusalem. Which story do you like best?

Come time-watching
Don’t miss the great astronomical clock that dates from around 1425. It displays the signs of the Zodiac and the phases of the moon. It chimes twice a day and the three wise men, and their servants pass and bow before the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus as it chimes. And while you are here, have a look at the carved oak choir stalls from the mid-1300s and the 3.5-metre tall seven-branch candelabra from the late 15th century.


The event city Lund
Lund is in the center of the Öresund region with a strategic location and proximity to many cities. Lund’s central station is Sweden’s third largest train station with many daily arrivals from Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, among others. It’s easy to get to Lund and to get around the city on your own.
In Lund, the vision “Lund creates the future – with knowledge, innovation and openness” runs as a common thread through everything we do. Here, university and municipality, research and development, business and society collaborate. In Lund, past present and future meet. The city has been designated as one of the Europe´s most creative and cultural cities by the European Commission. In addition to a rich cultural life and many places to visit, Lund is also home to several festivals and events, as well as recurring sports events.