All people have the same right to health and wellbeing. At Lundaspelen, we strive to make handball accessible to everyone, regardless of background and conditions. Everyone should be offered an opportunity to play handball based on their own possibilities.

We offer different classes;
• Wheelchair handball
• Walking handball – blue and yellow

Wheelchair handball
Played on 27th to 28th of December and is aimed at those who are dependent on their wheelchair in everyday life or because of an acquired injury or diagnosis can not participate in walking class on equal terms.

Walking handball
Played on 29th to 30th of December and is aimed at those who have intellectual disabilities and / or the addition of a neuropsychiatric disability. Walking handball is divided into yellow and blue class to enable level-adjusted play.

Blue class: The form of play is at a high level and handball rules can be fully respected.

Yellow class: The players may need extra support in connection with being on the field and may also be covered by a physically lower ability.

Lundaspelen’s vision is to be able to offer both yellow and blue class in walking handball to enable level adjustment and allow players to develop and be challenged based on their individual physical and intellectual level.

If you are interested or have questions please email info@lundaspelen.com.