In order to get the most of your stay in Lund it is a good idea to plan your transportation around Lund. According to § 7 in the tournament regulations, “All teams have to be ready and dressed at the arena 15 minutes before the throw-off of the game.” So it is important that you arrive well ahead of the schedule starting time of your game!

Lund City Bus Lines
Teams with Lundaspelen cards can travel free of charge with the green city buses of Lund. Please check the time schedule that you got in the team bag or you can get a schedule at the information desk at the Sparbanken Skåne Arena. Please note that these buses are not just for Lundaspelen and it’s very important that all participants behave and show the people of Lund how great and friendly guests we have during Lundaspelen! The bus drivers are allowed to refuse your team entry to the buss if it is too crowded. Generally the next bus arrives within 10 minutes. So plan ahead and travel with a good margin. All buses stop in the city center at the stop “Botulfsplatsen” and if you need to change lines this is the best place to do so. To search for a journey use Skånetrafikens “Reseplanerare” (journey planner).

Lundaspelen Bus Lines
Lundaspelen has it own bus lines to arenas outside the city of Lund. The Lundaspelen buses depart the parking lot between Idrottshallen and Sparbanken Skåne Arena near the city park (stadsparken). We have 8 different bus lines that each traffic two arenas. Every bus trip from Lund to arena 1 to arena 2 and back to Lund is between 60 to 90 minutes depending on which line it is. We have our own time schedule for the Lundaspelen bus lines. They run from 07.30 and then depart all day until the last match is finished in the respective arena. The timetable can be found as a news article as soon as it’s ready.

Parking your car or bus
If you bring your own car to Lund it is important that you follow the signs stating where it is okay to park. In Sweden you often have to pay for parking and if you park where it’s not allowed it is very likely that you get a fine. Around Sparbanken Skåne Arena it is prohibited to park just outside the building. We recommend the newly built parking house Arena Park in the city park! Please ask the Lundaspelen crew for advice in all arenas and schools! For security reasons it is very important that cars don’t block emergency exits. Download the mobile app EasyPark to buy a pass valid for all days during Lundaspelen.