School cafeterias in Lund serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hotels guests eat breakfast at the hotel and lunch and dinner in a cafeteria. Pleas note that the 2024 information will be presented in November 2024! This is information is from last year but can give you an idea how things could work out.

Cafeterias for breakfast: Fågelskolan, Hagalidskolan, Karstorpskolan, Killebäckskolan, Klostergårdsskolan, LBS Huvudbyggnaden, Lerbäcksskolan, Rutborgskolan, Svaleboskolan, Svea Catering vid Engelska skolan, Vipeholmsskolan, Östratornskolan, Fäladsskolan

Cafeterias for lunch and dinner: Hedda, Järnåkraskolan, Polhemsskolan Tunaskolan

Meal times 26 December
Järnåkraskolan 17.00 – 21.00
Polhemskolan 17.00 – 22.00

Meal times 27–29 December
Breakfast 06.30 – 09.00
Lunch 11.30 – 15.00
Dinner 17.00 – 20.30
Polhemskolan 17.00 – 21.30

Lundaspelen is unable to serve food outside these hours. Please note that we are unable to deliver meals. Guests must go to their assigned school cafeteria to eat.


26/12 Meal Alternative
Dinner Hot dogs and mashed potato Vegetarian hot dogs
Lunch Chicken pan steak, boiled potatoes and gravy Vegetable schnitzel
Dinner Meatballs, pasta Vegetarian meatballs
Lunch Crispy fish and mashed potato Vegetable steaks
Dinner Spaghetti bolognese Soy spaghetti bolognese
Lunch Sausage Stroganoff (no pork), bulgur Vegetarian stew
Dinner Potato and meat hash Vegtetable hash

All our cafeterias open for breakfast at 06.30 and are often very quiet for the first half hour. It’s worth getting up a little earlier in order to avoid the queues and enjoy a pleasant breakfast.
Packed meals

If a team is going to miss lunch or supper because they are playing a match, team leaders can order a cold packed meal in advance. Packed meals are only available for teams whose match schedules prevent them from eating in their designated cafeteria. Teams are responsible for ordering and collecting their own packed meals from Järnåkraskolan. We are unable to deliver packed meals to teams.

To order packed meals please call:
+46735323365 or +46735351323

26 December 20.00 – 21.00
27–29 December 08.00 – 11.30
27–28 December 13.30 – 16.00