Lundaspelen Handball’s policy for alcohol, drugs, doping and tobacco (ANDT). The policy constitutes a letter of intent and an overall position for Lundaspelen handball as an organizer. The purpose of the policy is to clarify the organizer’s basic view of ANDT issues and to increase the well-being of participants according to the tournament’s core values; Memories for life, a handball event for the entire world, an open and welcoming tournament.

• Alcoholic beverages should not be handled by players, coaches or leaders in connection with Lundaspelen.

• Drugs and doping should not be handled by coaches or leaders in connection with Lundaspelen

• Lundspelen handball is conducted with completely non-smoking environments indoors as well as outdoors.


In Sweden it is illegal to bid or buy alcohol for minors, that is, young people under the age of 20.

No alcohol should be present on Lundaspel’s premises, neither school accomondation or arenas.

Leaders and coaches should not drink alcohol in connection with Lundaspelen when responsible for children and youngsters.

If any of our guests consume alcohol on Lundaspelen’s premises, we will contact the police.

If any of our underage guests consume alcohol even outside Lundaspelen’s premises, we will contact the police.

Drugs and doping

Drug and doping classed substances may never occur in Lundaspelen without medical certificates.

If you have received formulations printed by doctors who contain drug or doping class substances, written dispensation must be sought by Lundaspel’s competition management.

Players, leaders and coaches are advised to follow the Riksidrottsförbundet’s decision to use dietary supplements, other than for purely medical reasons. Do not forget that dietary supplements can contain doping-classified preparations.

If any of our guests use drugs or doping, we will contact the police.


No smoking is allowed on Lundaspel’s premises, neither in schools, the schoolyard or in the arenas. This also applies to e-cigarettes with or without tobacco.