Lundaspelen works actively with a sustainability work to develop the tournament and move towards a greener approach every year.

Focus areas:

Food waste

  • Meal service – We have a well-developed strategy for food management in the dining rooms which means that food waste is minimal.
  • Packed food (food to-go) a big culprit in food waste – This year we have chosen to change strategy to reduce food waste – Only a small amount of portions has been pre-ordered and instead we have prepared so there is an opportunity to create more portions of packed food during implementation of Lundaspelen. Any leftover packed food will be given to teams that have a longer journey home and to volunteers so that nothing is thrown away.
  • Fairtrade chocolate balls – Will be for sale in the kiosks LUGI is responsible for during the Lund Games.



  • We offer transport with Skånetrafiken and encourage the teams that live centrally and within walking distance to dining rooms and halls to take a walk.
  • During Lundaspelen, we have special Lundaspels bus lines that we are responsible for and that run between facilities and halls. Based on the registration mode, we review which halls are to be used and then we can possibly delete halls that are further away and then also delete some bus lines. The goal is to use the existing municipal traffic as much as possible, or alternatively use the halls that are within walking distance.
  • Cycling instead of bus – Lund is a fairly small town with close to most things so we recommend getting around by bike! In Lund, you can easily rent a bicycle through Lundahoj, where you can, for example, buy a 3-day card.


Worth mentioning

  • Lundaspelens Shop – All t-shirts and hoodies sold are made of organic cotton.
  • We have chosen to pre-order a small amount of pre-printed products and will instead run “print on demand” if necessary. This is so as not to overconsume and stock up.