Guests traveling far and need help in planning their journey and applying for visas, please contact our international group via email to

Visa application
Your application should be submitted to the Embassy of Sweden. In other countries where there is no Swedish diplomatic mission, Sweden may be represented by another Schengen state. The time it takes to process an application at the Embassy varies, so please make sure to contact the embassy as soon as possible. General information on how to apply for a visa is found at the homepage below


Invitation letter from Lundaspelen
Please send a list of names of the participants with first and surnames, date of birth and the person’s role in the team (player, trainer, masseur etc) to Lundaspelen. Lundaspelen will then contact the Swedish Embassy with the information and general information about the tournament and ask the embassy to assist with the visas. If it’s possible please send the list as a Word-document.

Remember! Contact the embassy as soon as possible. Lundaspelen have to know before the first of December if your team will get the visa. Make sure you are properly insured so that you are covered for any costs associated with an illness, accidents, etc.