Second game day!

I hope you all have had a couple of nice days here in Lund and Lundaspelen so far. We always do our best for you and I really hope that it will be noticed when you eat, sleep, ride a bus or are playing matches.

About matches, tomorrow we will also be in a new phase of the tournament, namely play off and finals. The temperature will be raised on the matches and the teams that are here to win will be announced for the final play in the finals! It will be exciting to follow while we continue to work for a good tournament for all our guests. During the morning it is also time for special class to present themselves during this year’s tournament. All matches in the class are played in Sparbanken Skåne Arena. Please come and see if you have the opportunity!

Finally, as I mentioned yesterday. I hope you not are missing our classical meetings in the elite series between LUGI and Sävehof. Tonight we are receiving Sävehof men at 2030. I hope you are showing up! The match are sponsored by LUGI’s partners so the entry is free!

Tomorrow we are receiving the women team at the same place and same time. We are expecting, as usual, a crowded arena both days, so come on time.

See you tomorrow – Play off day!

Per Björkman, President of Lundaspelen