Final day!

End of the end – day of the finals!

Dear guests and participants! It has been our proud privilege to stage the world’s largest indoor tournament for young handball players onceagain! On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to extend our warmest thanks to all of Lundaspelen’s amazing participants and to all our partner organisations. You have all helped make Lundaspelen 2018 a great success!

This year almost 700 teams attended to Lundaspelen! Gratifying, but also something of a challenge. Arranging all the accommodation, transport, arenas, referees and food for so many people has not been without its challenges, but has also helped improve the tournament. Almost everything went better than we have a right to expect, but looking ahead to next year we know there are areas for improvement. Help us by sharing your views, both praise and blame, so that together we can make Lundaspelen 2019 even better! Please use the evaluation forms sent out to all leaders of the teams. Maybe already tonight when you are travelling home by bus, train or car.

Have a nice and safe trip home everybody!

See you next year – welcome to Lundaspelen 2019

Per Björkman, President of Lundaspelen