Lundaspelen 2021 is canceled to avoid the spread of infection

LUGI Handboll and IK Eos Basket have decided, for the second year in a row, to play in Lundaspelen.
This is done to counteract the increased spread of infection in society, both in Sweden and in
nearby countries, whose associations usually visit Lundaspelen frequently.

The boards of LUGI Handboll and IK Eos Basket have not had an easy decision to make, Lundaspelen is for many the highlight of the year and after last year’s canceled games, many looked forward against the 43rd games.

– Current restrictions and recommendations from, among others, the Swedish Public Health Agency and
Region Skåne’s infection control doctor makes us feel that we in sports must take our responsibility for
to minimize the spread of infection in society, says LUGI Handball’s club manager Patrik Bengtsson.

The risk of infection spreading with so many people in the same place is great. Although
the associations follow the recommendations and check vaccination evidence for all spectators,
the risk remains with an increased number of young people in sports halls and elsewhere in the city.
In addition, it is only at these ages that the spread of infection is greatest right now.

We have hoped for and planned to be able to carry out a safe event based on the Swedish authorities restrictions as we feel an obligation towards our participating teams to carry out the tournament. We know that many have longed and looked forward to coming back after last year’s cancelation and we ourselves have really looked forward to welcome you all. But we have an obligation to work for the health and well-being of young people and we need to take our responsibility to reduce the spread of infection. Human health always comes first.

For those of you who have paid registration fees as well as fees for accommodation and guest cards, we will contact those concerned during the next week.

Since 1978, we have annually organized the Lundaspelen and together with our participants created memories for life. We are sorry not to be able to do this this year. We keep our fingers crossed that society will soon return to a fairly normal everyday life so that we can welcome you all to Lundaspelen 2022 to once again create new memories together.

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