Lundaspelen will only be played with Nordic Teams

Today we have some very sad news. The Swedish health authorities have decided to sharpen the restrictions due to Covid 19 for teams coming to Sweden from outside the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland).

The new restriction tells all teams outside the Nordic countries in order to take part of the games to:
– Get PCR-tested when arriving to Sweden
– Players are not allowed to play until negative test result can be shown
– A test costs from 900-1500 SEK.
– To get a test result takes 1,5-2 days (quick tests = double cost)

We are truly sorry to inform you that due to above restrictions we have decided that we have to cancel all registered teams coming from countries outside the Nordic. It would be impossible to arrange a good tournament with those conditions.

Please contact with your IBAN account number, BIC/SWIFT code, account holder name, address and phone # so we can issue you a refund.

This was not what we hoped for when we started to plan Lundaspelen but times are different and change fast. So, we will try to do our best to change with them and arrange the best possible tournament for the Nordic countries.

A merry christmas and a happy new year to you all. Stay safe and we hope for a better 2022.

Teams from the nordic region are invited to stay up to date with our covid guidelines which will be updated frequently here: Covid guidelines

Read more from the Public Health Agency HERE