Memories for life!

26th to 30th of December 2021

SINCE 1978

A warm welcome back to Lundaspelen 2021!

The preparations for Lundaspelen 2021 is in full steam and we are more psyched than ever to welcome back our beloved visitors to Lund and Lundaspelen this Christmas.

Since 1978 we have had people from all over the world come to Lund in something that has grown to become the worlds largest indoor handball tournament. We have created “memories for life” since day and and that is something Lundaspelen will always continue to do.

There is a great desires to play handball and go to the cups again, and there is just as great a desires for the audience to once again be able to step into the arenas to watch handball live. We aim to realize these desires. We look forward to filling our arenas with an audience, at the same time as we will conduct a corona-safe tournament. Health and safety always come first and we of course we allways follow the authorities’ restrictions, but with the same goal – to deliver a world-class event.

We have more exciting things going on in the organization and we look forward to sharing it the closer we get to the tournament. One of our focus areas this year is sustainability, a new area that we have chosen to prioritize and focus on, and where issues such as gender equality and everyone’s right to participate will also be prioritized.

Lundaspelen is a great source of pride, not only for us at LUGI, but also for nearby handball associations, Lund residents and the entire national and the international handball family.

We are moving towards brighter times and we have high hopes of being able to carry out a full-scale Lundaspelen with the handball festival it entails.

Welcome to Lund and Lundaspelen 26-30 December to meet the handball players of the future and help create “memories for life”.


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