Memories for life!

26th to 30th of December 2023

SINCE 1978

Welcome to Lundaspelen 2023!

Since 1978, we have carried out the Lundaspelen except for the pandemic years 2020-21. More than 17,726 teams from 38 countries have participated from the ages 8 to 20. We know that players as well as parents, referees and officials can’t wait for the days between Christmas and New Year when arenas are to be filled with games, when schools and hotels are filled with wonderful young people and leaders who share the joy of handball.

Referees from around Europe look forward to participating in this international tournament and have a warm heart for Lund and Lundaspelen. We greet clubs that have participated year after year, clubs such as Ringsted, H43, OV Helsingborg, Lundagård and Kävlinge a warm welcome back.

We welcome you again to a few fast-paced days in Lund and its surroundings. Schools and Hotels are ready to welcome those traveling from afar. This year we will also have extra favorable offers for compliance with the teams in terms of hotel prices and activities

LUGI Handboll, one of Sweden’s largest handball clubs with over 1200 active members and 60 teams in the Swedish league, has carried out the Lundaspelen with a large number of volunteers from Lund and nearby handball associations since 1978. All to make Lundaspelen a tournament that gathers both young and old with great diversity where everyone is accepted with the common love of handball.

Lundaspelen put great importance to that all parts of our tournament contributing to strive for sustainability as far as we can. We have taken this into account when it comes to food, logistics, materials, and implementation, both in terms of practical issues and social responsibility. A warm welcome to this year’s edition of the LUNDASPELEN: “Memories for life 2023”!


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