Registration for Lundaspelen 2024 is now open!

Lundaspelen is so much more than just your ordinary tournament in Handball. It is the largets indoor tournament in the world! With the aim to give you memories for life and experiences you never forget. Meeting new friends, playing against some of the best teams and talents in the world with great international referees, and everyone is there for the love of sport and handball. And all this in a setting of great hospitality in the mediaval university city of Lund, Sweden.

Every year between Christmas and New Year, since 1978 we have have laughed, cheered, cried and seen young people from all over the world meet and create new memories in Lund. Memories for Life, that’s what Lundaspelen is all about.

Lundaspelen is now the largest indoor Handball Tournament – 2023 we had over 778 participating teams, 10 000+ players, mini handball teams for the youngest, para handball, elite matches and a great atmosphere. Teams from Scandinavia, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Spain participated and judges from even more countries. Are you our next team to join and create memories for life?

Registration for this year’s tournament is now open on our website
 Registration closes: 1 October 2024

We hope that you and your team are among those who want to participate in this winter’s handball highlight.

If you have any questions or concerns before this year’s tournament, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to answer any questions that you may have, either by replying to this email or by contacting us at

Hartfull welcome!