How do I sign-up?
Click the link below to go to our registration system were you can sign-up as referee.

When will I be informed if I am nominated as referee in Lundaspelen?
We will continuously publish nominated referees on the web page and also inform each referee individually via email. Latest on November 20 we will send our decision via email to all referees that have signed-up

Can I influence my chances to be nominated?
Of course you can. It will increase your chances to be nominated if you accept to referee all ages (8 – 19) and is available all day during the tournament.

What alternatives for accommodation are available?
If you need accommodation during Lundaspelen we can arrange hotel accomondation in central Lund against a deducted fee. School accommodation is fully booked.

What does Lundaspelen provide?
As a referee in Lundaspelen you will have two referee T-shirts, 3 meals/day breakfast, lunch and supper (on Dec 30 only breakfast)

What is the referee fee?
Referees with hotel accommodation are paid 60 SEK / match.
(The referee fees above are reduced with the 15% taxation demanded by the Swedish authorities)

How many games per day will I referee?
On day 1 – 3 you will have between 6 and 10 games per day.
The referees for the cup finals are appointed in the evening on Dec 29,
We will not distribute any cup finals to referees until then.

For referees from Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GSA), there are special regulations. Additional information is available at


Referee fees Lundaspelen 2019

* Referees staying at a hotel in Lund (including breakfast) are paid 75 SEK per game

* Single referee (no partner) are paid 30 SEK extra per game

* Referees for mini category games (single referee) are paid 70 SEK per game.

Travel reimbursement is 1000 SEK per referee and applies only to referees from abroad (not for referees från Danmark/Själland and for referees from German speaking countries. Referees from German speaking countries (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) are referred to for further information. Referees from Själland/DK receive 18:50 SEK per 10 km).

Travel reimbursement of 1000 SEK per referee is paid even if e.g. three referees travel together in one car.

The fees are paid to the foreign referees on the 30th of December in cash at the LUGI main office (Sparbanken Skåne Arena).

Referees from G/A/CH will be paid by Gerhard Roeder.