International Referees

You may now apply for Lundaspelen 2023 as a referee! We are constantly recruiting international referees for our Lundaspelen referee community.

Lundaspelen ist the largest youth indoor handball tournament in the world. Over 700 teams compete between December 27th and December 30th, each year between Christmas and New Years Day.

As a referee, you should have three or more years of experience, before you apply. Applications of referee teams are preferred.

You may direct all questions at any time to our referee management team at

We provide detailed information about your participation as a Lundaspelen referee during the application process.

Here are the most relevant facts: Arrival day is December 26th. We host a referee meeting in the late afternoon of December 26th. Departure day is December 30th. Finals are played on December 30th throughout the early afternoon. The most suitable airport is Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport. The airport features a direct train connection to Lund Central Station. The referee hotel is located within a few minutes and a few hundred meters of the central station.

Please register your application through our website. Simply follow this link:

How do I register? Click here to access the referee registration in our system.

We will process applications in due course and by November 20th. In most cases, you will receive an answer within hours or days.

The accommodation and some food and beverage is free for referees. You will also receive a referee shirt, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals start on December 27th in the morning and end on December 30th after breakfast.

If you share hotel accommodation in a double room together with another referee, if you referee at least 10 games per day for three days you will receive 100 SEK/game (approx 9 Euros/game) in compensation.

Otherwise, you are responsible for the hotel accommodation yourself and receive 10 Euros / game.

For international referees, special regulations may apply that we agree on in advance before acceptance as a referee to Lundaspelen! Feel free to contact us regarding travel cost coverage. Most likely, we offer full or partial coverage of your airfare and train ticket cost.

Single referee (no partner) are paid 12 Euros per game.

School accomodation is not avaible.

See you soon in Lund! Apply now, enjoy Christmas, and let’s go to Sweden!

Best regards from your
Lundaspelen referee management team!