You who have completed referee training at least level 3 referee education are welcome to register for assignments in this year’s Lundaspelen 2022, which takes place between 27-30 December.

More information for all referees registered will come during the autumn/winter in connection with your registration. If you have questions before then, you can email

Swedish national rules apply to entry and exit. Please note that the situation may change constantly. It is the responsibility of each individual international referee to stay up to date on the rules that apply.

How do I register? Click here to access the referee registration in our system.

When will you find out that you have been accepted as a referee for Lundaspelen? We have continuous admission and publish accepted referee on the website and inform via email. All referee who register will be notified by email no later than 20 November.

Can I influence my chances of being accepted? Of course you can. If you want to referee in all age categories and can referee all days on all days of the tournament, your chances of being accepted increase.

Also indicate which referee partner or partners you want to judge with and have experience judging with! If you have no partner to judge with, Lundaspelen’s referee team will pair you with another referee.

What does Lundaspelen offer? When you referee in Lundaspelen, you get one referee shirt, food cards for breakfast, lunch and dinner (30/12 breakfast only)

What accommodation options are there? If you share hotel accommodation in a double room together with another referee, you and will referee at least 10 matches / day for two days you will receive SEK 70 / match in compensation. Otherwise, you are responsible for the hotel accommodation yourself and receive SEK 115 / match. Accommodation together with teams in school can also be arranged. For referees from other countries, special regulations apply that we agree on in advance before acceptance as a referee to Lundaspelen!

What do you get for referee fees? Referees who have arranged their own accommodation or live at a school receive 115 SEK / match. Referees staying at a hotel in Lund (including breakfast) are paid 70 SEK (≈7€) per game. Single referee (no partner) are paid 30 SEK (≈3 €) extra per game.

How many matches do you have per day? Day 1-3 you have 6-10 matches / day. The referees for the matches on the final day on 30/12 will be distributed on the evening on 29/12, no referee is guaranteed a final match.

Note! Special rules apply to judges from Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GSA). Contact for more information.