First game day!

Hope you all are enjoying your first game day!

To begin with, I would like to thank everyone for who attended at the opening ceremony yesterday. I hope you had an equally nice experience that I had myself. It really felt like a great start to the greatest handball party in the world!

The Lundaspelen mini has today ended for the boys’ part. Tomorrow it is the girls’ turn. The tournament is a variant of the Lundaspelen, where the very youngest yearlings play without results and everyone gets a medal. A nice way to develop as a young handball player. We hope that we will see these young players next year, who will participate in the same way as for the other age categories.

The other age classes have also started with their matches on all our 46 venues. The teams has so far played 503 of the 2103 matches that will be played until the 30th. The category Boys 13 seems to be the most targeted so far after the first gameday with an average number of goals per match of 32.52, nicely done boys! There is around 1600 matches still to play so take a rest and something to eat tonight so you will be fresh for the following days.

Finally, I hope you not are missing our classical middleday meetings in the elite series against Sävehof’s ladies and gentlemen – tomorrow night at 2030 (men) and the 29th (women), same time. We expect, as usual, a crowded arena both days, so come on time. The matches are sponsored by LUGI’s partners so the entry is free!

See you tomorrow – Game day no2#

Per Björkman, President of Lundaspelen