Updated 21-11-01

The following rules and guidelines apply to Corona / Covid 19 infection during the Lundaspelen in Handball 2021.


Questions and answers about Corona restrictions.

1. About Covid and vaccine requirements
Lundaspelen handball does not require vaccination for either players, leaders or officials. However, we are positive that adults in all categories have been vaccinated and thus avoid contributing to the possible spread of infection. According to the Swedish Public Health Agency, unvaccinated people are recommended not to participate in major sports contexts where they can come into contact with, above all, other adults who may be more susceptible to infection. Great emphasis is placed on the individual's own responsibility.

We recommend people over 18 and young adults to:
If you are not fully vaccinated keep a distance from others and especially avoid close contacts with people at risk and people 70 years and older.

We recommend all participants to observe the basic rules that apply to Corona, which means keeping your distance, washing your hands and using rubbing alcohol where available. Show great consideration for others and contribute to infectious behavior. Leaders have a special responsibility for young players participating in the tournament by ensuring that they follow the above rules. Encourage hand washing and extra hygiene both before and after games, when traveling by public transport and in the places where you stay with your own and other teams.


2. Travel to / from or stay during Lundaspelen
It is the team’s own obligation to stay up to date with the national rules that apply to travel and stay to, within and from Sweden. Lundaspelen can not be considered responsible for either travel to or from the cup. The law shall obtain such information from Swedish authorities to the extent that they are not covered by the information provided via Lundaspelen’s website. Local entry recommendations back to the home country are also the responsibility of the teams themselves to stay informed.

Opportunity to test for Anti-gen and get a certificate for travel can be done at KRY which is located at Sparbanken Skåne Arena in Lund.


3. What if a player / leader has Covid symptoms and or is found to be infected?
The authorities recommendations distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated situations as follows:

A person who is infected must be kept in quarantine from others and follow the rules that apply to infected people regarding staying at home. You can go back to the
leisure activities again when you have tested negative, been fever-free for at least 24 hours and feel healthy. You can do this even if you still have some respiratory symptoms such as whooping cough or runny nose. These are symptoms that may persist for some time after the infection itself.

If there is a close contact who has been vaccinated with 2 doses, that person only needs to be tested if they get symptoms within 14 days of meeting the person with covid-19. The close contacts who have no symptoms can continue to play while waiting for test results. They do not need to be tested again if they are symptom-free but must be observant of symptoms and try again if they get symptoms.

Close contact
The persons with whom the infected person has lived / lived during the time he or she has been contagious (from 48 hours before the onset of symptoms) are counted as household contacts and if they are unvaccinated they must not see others for a 7- day period from the infected person leaving their sample. They must also be tested on day 5 after the infected person has left their sample. If they have / get symptoms, they should be tested immediately. Those who are defined as close contact (within 2 m for a total of 15 minutes) and are unvaccinated must be tested immediately when it becomes known that they have been in close contact.

Players who are found infected start directly from the tournament. Other players in the same team should pay attention to symptoms. If there is a suspicion that additional players are infected, they should be tested immediately and in the event of a negative test, they can continue playing.


4. What applies to self-insulation / quarantine?
In the event that waiting for a test answer is expected, the team and its leader must self-isolate, contact the project manager or Covide manager for Lundaspelen for further instructions regarding meals and placement or other questions.


5. What is the individual's responsibility?

Everyone, even those who are fully vaccinated, should continue to pay attention to symptoms, test for symptoms and stay at home and avoid contact with other people
if covid-19 is suspected. A great responsibility still applies to individuals under the Communicable Diseases Act: everyone must contribute to preventing the spread of infectious diseases and
that anyone who knows or has reason to suspect that they carry a contagious disease is obliged to take measures to protect others against risk of infection.


6. What is the advice for adults unvaccinated

Those who are not fully vaccinated should take precautions to avoid becoming infected themselves and to avoid the spread of covid-19:

• keep a distance from other people, follow recommendations on hygiene, and
• especially avoid close contacts with people at risk and people who are 70 years and older.

Unvaccinated people should not go to major events such as sporting events.

Please note that: these tips do not apply to people under 18 years of age or to people who for medical reasons have been advised not to get vaccinated against covid-19.


7. As for a team that has met players who have been diagnosed with infection.
If players in teams that have met players with confirmed infection, the project manager / Covid manager at Lundaspelen will contact the relevant teams following a recommendation from the local health centre’s infection tracker. After that, a decision will be announced on whether continued play can take place or what measures must be taken. Such a team should pay extra attention to any symptoms and immediately test themselves if you suspect infection.


8. Access to testing
In a unique collaboration with the care provider KRY, Lundaspelen can offer teams to test themselves at Sparbanken Skåne Arena both for ongoing Covid infection and for Anti-gene testing, and that teams can receive a certificate for a return trip to the country of origin. The cost of sampling and certification is paid for by each team and is paid directly to KRY.
Possibility to book an appointment for anti-gene and certificate is available by the team contacting KRY.


We follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations and rules of conduct. These may be updated!
It is the individual responsibility of each team to keep track of the entry / exit rules that apply in their own country

For other questions regarding Corona situation, infection or other, please refer to:
Anette Greén, tel 0709833048. You can also ask questions to anette@lugihandboll.se