Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn supports LUGI

As a long-standing supporter of LUGI, the Savings Bank Foundation Finn continues to support LUGI and Lundaspelen in these challenging times. This is despite the fact that Lundaspelen 2020 was forced to cancel due to the pandemic. The financial support helps, among other things, to manage the cancelled tournament, but it is important to create the right conditions to be able to continue planning and develop Lundaspelen, the world’s largest indoor handball tournament for young people, for the future.

” It is impressive and gratifying to see the great commitment that exists in LUGI. The fact that our contribution can contribute to children and young people having a more active leisure time feels just right. We hope that our contribution will bring joy to many,” says Katarina Andrén, CEO of the Savings Bank Foundation Finn.

We are very grateful for this important contribution. The support not only helps us here and now, but also gives LUGI an opportunity to continue to develop the tournament, giving children, young people and leaders the opportunity for physical activity and international handball as well as social exchanges and meetings. We have created memories for life since 1978 and we intend to continue with that,” says Patrik Bengtsson, club manager at LUGI.