The traditional tournament accommodation offered at Lunds modern schools that have a high standard with good ventilation, heating and fire safety. For category A the schools are located around the Lund and all have close access to transportation either with Lundaspelens own buses or local buses which you travel for free with during the tournament. For category B the schools are located in the cities in the vicinity of Lund and requires your own car to transport you to the arenas in Lund.

Our Lundaspelen crewmembers are available 24/7 at the school to help you with whatever you may need during Lundaspelen.

The accommodation in classrooms requires bringing your own sleeping equipment such as an air mattress, sleeping bag and pillow. Schools do not always have showers but there are showers in every arena. We try to accommodate requests for a specific school the best we can but can not guarantee anything.

School accommodation includes a Lundaspelen card and all the benefits that entails.

You will be notified what school you are assigned on the 20:th of December.

School accommodation 1250-1450 SEK*

When you stay at a school accommodation you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in our school cafeterias.

Reservations for school accommodation is made trough our registration system.

Participant bonus
Clubs buying accommodation in schools for more than 100 persons get a 150 SEK discount per person.