26:th of December

Opening ceremony

Teams from around the world arrive in Lund to Lundaspelen. The teams check in at their accommodation and in the evening is the opening ceremony. The atmosphere is always on top in Sparbanken Skåne Arena.
Opening Ceremony
Journey to Lund

27:th of December

Lundaspelen begins

Matches begin early in the morning. You play on one of the more than 20 arenas in and around Lund.

Participation list
Transportation around Lund
Map over our arenas

28:th of December

Qualification round

The qualification rounds settles and the playoff teams are decided. Who will go to the A-finals and who will go to the B-finals? For those who did not make it all the way the Players party is the place to be in the evening.

School cafeterias
Players party

29:th of December

Playoffs begin

The playoff day is full of wins and losses. Feelings are on the edge and the atmosphere on top! The youngest categories to play finals.

30th of December


The big finals day with final matches all day in Sparbanken Skåne Arena and Idrottshallen!
Sparbanken Skåne Arena
Finals day

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