Frequently asked questions

What handballs are to be used in the G/B9 classes?
According to the rules of the Lundaspelen the handball to be used by the B/G9 class will measure: 46 - 50 cm, 250 - 300 gram (size 0). This handball will be used unless both participating teams agree to play the match using a different sized handball. The use of an different sized handball will not be considered as a reason to protest.

Where does the Opening Ceremony take place?
It is at the Sparbanken Skåne Arena

Where do I exchange money?
There is an exchange office “Forex”, in front of the main entrance of the railway station.

How do we clean up the classroom when leaving?
Basic cleaning is required; brush and mop the floors, empty the trashcans, clean he toilets and the aisles.

Where are the schedule and results published?
On Lundaspelen´s homepage

What does zero tolerance on alcohol and drugs mean?
It means that consumption of alcohol and all kinds of drugs is strictly forbidden during all times during the tournament. This also applies when you are at your accommodation.

When should the registration fee be paid?
The registration fee should be paied no later then 10 days after registration.

When is the finals played on the 30th?
See the preleminary schedule here

If you stay in a hotel where do you eat lunch and dinner?
You eat lunch and dinner in our cafeterias.

If you match is played at a time that makes it impossible to get to a cafeteria to eat in time?
If so you can order meal packages that you can pick up with your breakfast the same morning as the match.

I have not yet received an invoice for the registration fee, why not?
We never send any invoices. Log in to your account to see the amount that should be paid. Payment information can be found here.


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