Accommodation during Lundaspelen

In Lund there is good accommodation in classrooms. The schools are of high standard with good ventilation, heating and fire safety. Each school is staffed with crewmembers from Lundaspelen who are there to help you. We also work with several hotels around the Lund and can therefore offer comfortable accommodation at great prices. All hotel options for participants include a Lundaspelen card with the benefits listed here >>>

Classrooms - accommodation in the school

Cheap and easy tournament accommodation at Lunds schools. Close to transportation and a great atmosphere!
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Price: 1350SEK * for 4 nights / person
Max capacity: 4000 participants.
* Clubs who buy housing in classrooms for more than 100 people get 150 SEK discount per person .


Hotel - a bit more comfortable accommodation

In cooperation with Lunds best Hotels we can offer great rates at a more comfortable accommodation. All hotel choices include breakfast at the hotel and all other meals in our school cafeterias. Learn more about each hotel in the menu on your right.

Price: fr. 2350 SEK for 4 nights / person ( see the price for each hotel in the menu on the right )
Max capacity: 1000 participants.


Hotels for traveling companions

For accompanying parents and supporters, we can offer special rates at Elite hotel. Thease reates included breakfast at the hotel but no Lundaspelen card.

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