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Lundaspelen 2013

LUGI Handball is delighted that for the 36th consecutive year invite you to the world's largest indoor tournament in handball for youth players - LUNDASPELEN - presented by Sparbanken Öresund.

One of Lund’s finest traditions is to welcome handball players at the end of December. Since the beginning in 1978, over 100 000 participants from handball clubs all over the world have come to Lund to play handball between Christmas and New Years.

Lundaspelen has always tried to provide a challenge for everyone and to encourage the top teams we arrange an Elite tournament for 16-year-olds. Lundaspelen stands for high quality with a well-tuned organization in terms of transportation, accommodation, food and staff. We welcome all teams, both old and new guests, to Lundaspelen. We look forward to provide you and your team a unique Handball experience. For this year's tournament, we have opened up the junior class to include 19-year-olds and introduced a one-day mini handball tournament played during Lundaspelen - Lundaspelen mini.Welcome to Lund!


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